Import with wp migrate

I do a local backup copy of my WP site and save ‘as file’ on my computer , with the All in One WP Migration plugin. I then import to my online site.
I’m using a contact 7 form plugin in my site, in its’ Mail settings tab, I have set the To field to When I upload the contact 7 Mail settings tab To field online defaults to , meaning I have to manually take out the www every import to make the contact form work.
It’s a bit of a pain. Is there something in my ignorance that I’m not getting here ? Or do I need to seek help from the other possible parties ?

Not sure if this is a Wordpress issue, a Local/ Flywheel issue , a contact 7 wp plugin issue, a All-In -One wp Migration plugin issue , a hosting issue with my online server or some kind of combination.

Using a mac osx High Sierra ver 10.13.4
Wordpress vers 4.9.6
My Local by Flywheel has PHP ver 7.1.7
MySQL ver 5.6.37

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: