Imported stalls & won't find wp-admin

Local for flywheel version 2.2.4
OS 10.12.6
PHP 7.1
MySQL 5.6
WordPress 4.9.8

Never ran into this issue before, and usually can resolve most troubleshooting my self.

I have imported a site that was live on a Bluehost server I removed all the cache and security .htaccess files that become hidden away & all the Bluehost created MU-plugins.
Tried some basic troubleshooting with edit and find with and without gen expressions in a text editor and SSH MySQL dump and & grep -R for the old domain and rewrite for wp-admin.

But I can’t seem to access the wp-admin system and access or make any edits in the files to produce any action.
The site hangs and doesn’t even give an error message even in chrome dev console.
I have tried two fresh installs.

Any advice on possible problems or troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

Bump issue still exists Local…