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Importing my blog from Blue Host to Local w/o using Flywheel

Answer as much information as you can so the community can get a better idea of what it takes to create a Connect integration for a new hosting provider.

Hosting Provider Details:

  • Name (ie WP Engine)
  • URL (ie https://wpengine.com/)
  • Describe how the WordPress site is hosted. For example:
    • Is it a traditional VPS or LAMP stack?
    • Is it containerized (Docker/k8s)?
    • Any sort of infrastructure fine-tuning - Caching? Custom Search (like Elasticsearch)? etc.
  • Describe how you currently deploy a site from Local to the remote host.

I don’t understand any of this -much to technical for me

My blog www.my kensington kitchen

www.mykensingtonkitchen.com. It is on Blue Host. I assume in a traditional VPS format.
I don’t have any sites on Local. I want to put my Blue Host site on Local. I have already downloaded
local-6.5.1-windows (this is not an approved Microsoft site)

so now what do I do

Ideally I would like someone to screen share with me and walk me step by step through the process

Hi @Mykensingtonkitchen

If you’re trying to import your site into Local, all you need to do is download a backup file and drag and drop that zip file into the Local App and it should get the process started. More details here:

Even though Local Connect only works with WP Engine and Flywheel, WordPress sites from most anywhere can be direct imported in this manner and then exported or migrated using other means besides Local Connect as well.

Hi Nick

Thanks for responding to my query. Since I have limited computer skills I asked Ed, who takes care of my laptop, to try to import the data base and content files to Local. Someone from Blue Host, generously helped me capture the info by doing a screen share with me.

Ed spent a lot of time trying to do the drag and drop method to import the files to Local for me. He was very up front with me and said he doesn’t know anything about WP but he would try. He couldn’t get the drop and drag to work.

So I am back to ground zero.

Nick is there any way you can help me with this by doing a screen share with me. If not you can you connect me with someone who can. For all I know there could be something wrong with the files I downloaded.

Really looking forward to hearing from you


Hi @Mykensingtonkitchen

Since Local is a free product for all we aren’t able to offer screen-sharing support, but we can try and help you further here.

Are you trying to import the files one at a time? If you have a wp-content file and a database file you should bundle those up into a single zip file, and then try importing that.

I’m not that familiar with BlueHost, but you should be able to just download a backup file from them directly into a zip as well. Here is a help article from them I found: https://www.bluehost.com/help/article/backup-and-restore-with-site-backup-pro

Is that what you did when someone from Bluehost helped you?

As much as we would love for you to utilize and be comfortable with Local, if you’re having technical limitations maybe it would be better for you to utilize Bluehost’s Staging option to work on your website so you can utilize their support team for more personal assistance.

For some more help with Local, can you send us a screenshot of what files you have from Bluehost?

Hi @Mykensingtonkitchen!

If you learn best by watching, here is a screenshared video of how to drag and drop a site to import it into Local:

Please let me know if this helps,


I have zip files for both content and database
As I have been searching for answers I came across information that said you have to rename your files. Have u e er heard that?

I didn’t know that Blue Host has that capability.I will pursue that.
Thanks so much