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Database Name and Password when importing to Localwp

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Do you have to use the Database Username and Password on the hosting account that you are importing from when transferring a WP site to Localwp? If not, what happens when the site is then exported from Localwp to the original hosting once it has been edited? Will this change the hosting database user and password to the default ones used on Localwp?

Hi @MacAndroid! I’ve been doing some searching but haven’t really found a lot of concrete answers to your questions around Duplicator. On our team specifically, it isn’t something we have much experience with, but there really isn’t any reason it shouldn’t be compatible. Other users seem to have gotten it to work previously. I did find this forum thread below with some related details that indicate some adjustments to the database credentials may be necessary.

It may be worth also checking with Duplicator Pro’s support, or the support of the Host you’ll be migrating to and see if they are familiar with any potential migration roadblocks.

I have had the same problem. I have imported a live site to local by using Duplicator. All worked okay until I tried to log in to the WP admin page.
It seems that the username is carried over, but the password and strangely the e-mail address is reset to perhaps the default.
I used the ‘Open Site Shell’ option and had to look at the database entry for users and then chnage the password in order to log in and then change the e-mail address back to what it should be.
I found the answer in an earlier post:

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