Importing site in subfolder into Local using Duplicator Pro

Issue Summary

I’m trying to import from a live site to a local site, using duplicator pro. The live site lives in a subfolder. The import seems to go ok, but doesn’t work properly. The closest I have come yet is to install using the classic installer.php and daf file, from the root. The directory structure was built including main subdirectory, and the front end at least showed a skeletal site (no data was being loaded from the subfolder though, no plugin php files, images, css etc) . Is there an issue with Local being able to set up sites in sub directories, or is it possible using Duplicator pro?

System Details

  • Which version of Local is being used?

6.6.0 +6231

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used?
    • For example: macOS Catalina or Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 pro

HI @corpuscle

So the live site is a multisite and you’re trying to import a single site from that down to Local?

This guide might help you here: WordPress Multisite with Local - Local

Hi, Well the live site is just in a subfolder, not multisite, but yes trying to import that down to local, will check out the link, thanks

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