Improve Backup plugin and Local to seamlessly sync up and down projects

As discussed here, the Backup plugin and Local currently only do a lacklustre job if you intend to effectively work on one site on two or more different computers, as the website advertises.

State of things: Currently, the Backup add-on lets you back up your site on one machine, then you have to create a new site from the backup on your second machine, which doesn’t integrate with the backup branch of machine A, but creates a new stream for machine B. Same if you switch back to machine A, as backups from its branch are outdated by having worked on machine B and the ‘new’ site. So to switch between computers on a regular basis, you’d always have to delete and re-create sites every time, which is finicky and would create new backup branches on every switch.

Feature request: Either enable real syncing through the plugin, i.e. you create a site on one computer, and can import from a backup on another site, then have both machines connected to the same cloud backup and automatically sync when changes occur. This would probably be more complex with database changes though.
Or have at least the option to create a site on machine A, import it on machine B (not create a new site each time) and effectively connect both to the same backup stream, so users can manually backup at the end of a session on machine A, and sync down before working on the project on machine B.