Increase maximum upload file size for all-in-one wp migration?

I need to increase the limit past 300MB to restore a site. I searched and found this topic has been posted multiple times, but they were all closed and none of them has a solution.

I tried editing the wp-config.php and .htaccess files per the instructions from the plugin. It doesn’t change the 300 limit. I have triple checked, restarted sites, rebooted computer, but it still has the 300MB limit.

Why is this? Does localwp not honor custom wp-config.php entries? How do I restore a site using all-in-on wp migration running on localwp?

Hi @Rand

Values like upload_max_filesize can be edited in the php.ini.hbs file within the site’s conf/php/ folder. Just open that up in your preferred text editor, adjust the value and then after making any adjustments be sure to stop the site and re-start it so that Local can compile and use those new settings.

I just tested this on a site to reply to another thread this morning and it still worked fine :slight_smile:

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Thank you Nick-B! Worked perfectly. Much appreciated.

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