Max upload file size

Why is there ZERO discussion of why it is not possible to increase the max upload file size when using a ‘local’ website. After all fs I want to fill up my 20Tera bit hard drive surely that is my problem!

Hi @rungek

These values can be edited in the php.ini.hbs file within the site’s conf/php/ folder. Simply adjust the upload_max_filesize value, and then after you’re done making any adjustments, be sure to stop the site and re-start it so that Local can compile and use those new settings.

I just tested this on a site within my own app and didn’t have any trouble!

Thanks for your reply. No internet search referred to an hbs file. Context - I am trying to use the All-In-One WP Migration plugin. When I changed the hbs file the max upload file changed from 300 k to 64 MB even though I set the max much higher. This is still not enough. Any other suggestions most appreciated.

@rungek Is your goal to get your site into Local using the All in One plugin? Or are you doing something different?

Well, nothing very fancy. Just wanted to copy a ‘local’ site to another ‘local’ site including installed plugins which WP tools export-import does not do. When I found I couldn’t I started to look for a reason, and that proved very frustrating. Then again, if I can’t move one local site to another, what will happen if/when I go live? Thanks for your help.

Hi @rungek

So do you have two sites within your Local app and you’re trying to copy one over to the other? Or you have a site in Local and you’re trying to import a new site into it?

If you’re just trying to import a site into the Local app, all Local needs is a zipped-up wp-content folder along with DB sql file. You can easily create an exportable backup with the free plugin WP Migrate Lite and then just drag and drop that zip into Local.

OK. First off, and most important, thank you for trying to help. However, I/we seem to have gotten off track. It’s not about what I want to do or why, but about what I am trying to do, which is increase the upload file size to a ‘Local’ site regardless of what I am trying to do or why I am trying to it. If this can’t be done then I will find another way.

I provided details above on how to edit this value for sites within Local and I even tested it myself today to make sure all was working normally. Were you able to give that a try?

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