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Install Amelia Booking plugin : error 500


I installed the Plugin Amelia Booking (Amelia – Events & Appointments Booking Calendar – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org) but when I try to edit something it says “Request failed with status code 500” (for exemple in the settings). It is also really slow (the dashboard don’t load, just see the amelia logo loading).

My configuration : PHP/MySQL : 7.3.5 / 8.0.16, localwp webserver nginx, worpdress 5.8

Do you have any ideas ? I think I have a configuration problem with localwp (the plugin works fine with Wamp or an online website)

Thanks !

Up ! Could someone help me to debug my problem ?

  • there is no errors in website logs (php and nginx) and no errors in AppData\Roaming\Local\run\router\nginx\logs\error.log

  • I activate the localwp extension “Xdebug + VS Code” but don’t know what to do with that to be honnest. I just see call tracks when I load a page that craches in the wordpress backend.

  • I open a ticket on support Amelia : "Localwp error 500" (#2861931) / TMS-Plugins. He asks me some questions about localwp but I’m new, can you take a look ?

Where are the errors displayed ? What can I do to debug this ?

Thanks !


Anyone to help me figure out the problem? Please :sob: :sneezing_face: Are you also reproducing the bug (the time to install a site and the Amelia Booking plugin Amelia – Events & Appointments Booking Calendar – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org, does the plugin crash from the backend?).

Before giving up Localwp… the tool is really nice but I need to install this plugin locally and I don’t understand how to find the error. thanks for your help


I’ve got the same problem.

Thanks for your help

Hi everybody,
any news on this one? I am experiencing exactly the same issues :frowning:

Thanks for your help!

I span up a test site, installed the plugin and it works as expected. Try it in a clean site to be sure it’s not conflicting with another component?