Introducing Local Feedback, a new home for Local Feature Requests!

Last year, we rebuilt most of Local under-the-hood with our Lightning release and delivered new features like MagicSync for Local Pro. All this work meant we touched most of Local’s codebase, and I can only hope we deliver as much innovation this year!

We’re starting 2020 with a new focus on improving transparency, communication, and trust. Lightning, and the 9 months we invested in it, was a symbol of that. It increased communication on this forum and birthed Local Beta!

This was such a great learning experience, and realized we should collaborate with all of you a whole lot more :smile:

As a first step in this mission, we’re launching Local Feedback a feature request tracker to prioritize and share status on internal projects and user-requested features. Many features (well our favorites) have been ported from the Feature Requests category to Local Feedback.

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 1.04.12 PM

The new home for Feature Requests is Local Feedback, and we’ll be archiving the forum category in favor of this as it’s a better way to share status and centralize requests.

Happy coding,


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Linking to this new Local Feedback site on this site’s header or a menu would be beneficial.


We’re planning a huge visual redesign of the forums with improve nav!