List of things i want to see added to Local

Hey guys,

I started using Local recently and didn’t realize it was the Beta when i was told where i could find the Beta and went to install it was the same version, I went looking for the older version Local by Flywheel v3 because i wanted to see the add-ons that i could attach to it. I love the new version it seems to contain all the systems like SQL and the Virtual box back-end (if its still using that) in its own install and not install it all separate like the old version, i love how there’s a Dark mode which i didn’t notice on the old version, The text and layout feels a lot more crisp! But I have a few ideas to make the Beta better.

  1. Bring the old add-on’s to the new Beta (i would assume this would already be planned)
  2. Make sure it kills Nginx when closing down a site (I’ve had issues with this and i have to manually kill the process or my site wont boot up)
  3. Allow us to make a folder of plugins and when making a new site tick the boxes for the plugins we want to install from that with the new WP site. instead of manually adding each one in the WP-admin dashboard.
  4. Fix the issue where when you push a site to a Flywheel container it doesn’t rename all the MySite.local paths.
  5. Maybe have some analytics and graphs etc on the Local program for each site (add a button next to Utilities or inside Utilities something)
  6. Add other statistics like when the last Pull or Push was done so we can see how out of date a specific site is.
  7. OH and a really important one for me, Allow changing of default browser it opens when you press Admin or View Site (i like to check site is working on Firefox while i work in Chrome so if i need to clear cache i don’t have to sign into everything I’ve ever used again)
  8. Adding the WP admin login details to the overview tab for each would be good. Having to have a list of them seperate is something i think we could avoid with it displayed on the Local panel per site.

These are just a few i thought of off the top of my head, i should of wrote them all down as i had a lot more! I love Local and hope to see it grow!


Edit: Thought of another so added number 8.

You can use Blueprint for that.