Is pressmatic-site.json necessary?

I just noticed that about half of my local sites have a “pressmatic-site.json” file, and that the informations inside that file seem to be rather ancient, sometimes referencing a “” site I used while first playing around with Pressmatic.

The reason I even noticed those files is becausethose sites really do not like quite a few things, such as:

  • changing folder name of a plugin or theme --> “502 Bad gateway” errors (Apache and NGiNX)
  • changing site domain (eg from .dev to .local) --> siteurl/home settings in wp_options are not changed, lots of fun “Local Router” and similar errors

Can I safely delete these files?
Or is it safer to completely recreate those sites from scratch, without any old Pressmatic cruft?

Small update: exporting a site to zip, deleting and then re-importing the zip seems to work – if one deletes the pressmatic-site.json file from the zip, as this seems to override the other file, local-site.json.

(Not tested renaming theme/plugin folders or site yet, but at least the “old site name” is no longer some really old “”).

Just noticed: for some reason, exporting a site and then re-importing it writes all sorts of stuff into the database that was not there before.