When a Local by Flywheel version for Linux please?

Hello everybody!
It has been said since the summer of 2018 that a Linux version is in progress but until now, there is no information about it.
Many developers use Linux as OS
The huge mageority of web servers run under Linux system,
Local by Flywheel is a very interesting tool in gaining productivity and pragmatism. But it is regrettable that there is no Local by Flywheel version for Linux. I have a “virtual machine windows 10” installed with virtualbox in my computer running under Linux.
But LBF does not work in the virtual machine. I’m disappointed.

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To get LBF to work on Linux, you need to use a virtualization software that allows you to simulate VT-X capabilities on the Guest OS.

It looks VirtualBox does not yet support this on Intel CPUs yet and you will need to use a different software to run the Win10 Virtual Machine on Linux

More info here - https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=90831

What about the project of a native GNU/Linux version ?


That’s been “on the roadmap” since 2017 https://local.getflywheel.com/community/t/can-i-run-local-on-windows-or-linux, and if you search “linux” you will see it was going to be released in 2018 also. Obviously not a priority. :frowning: I understand commercial software not paying attention to Linux since it’s such a small part of the market. But I don’t understand for dev tools.

What really irks me is that from my understanding it’s Docker based. If that’s the case you’d think they would at least release the images and let us put it together with docker-compose. One of the major plus points of using Docker is having identical config across environments. If it runs on Docker on a Mac, so should it run on Windows or Linux or BSD or some mad-scientist OS I whip up on nights and weekends so long as it supports Docker.

Not having a Windows or Mac machine I can’t speak to the LBF interface – I hear it’s really nice and super user friendly. So possibly the holdup is writing the UI for Linux. But…it’s for Linux! We’re used to messing with stuff to get it to work.

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This is a poor answer @NitantSoni. OP was asking about a Linux version, not how to hack it to work. I am an AMD user and thus can use VT-X, but having nested vms (ie full version of Windows running) is just a weird way to develop this day in age.

Is this LBF still an Electron app?