Issue with mail function

First, I would like to thank all the team for this amazing app that I discovered a few months ago.
My issue happens when I test the contact forms (made with Houzez “contact form” plugin) of my developing website. All forms work (emails appear in mailHog) except one. When I validate it, I have this error message : Server Error: Make sure Email function working on your server!
However, all forms were created in the same way and with the same plugin ???

Any Idea ? Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my poor english !

System Details

Local Version : Version 8.0.0+6475
Operating System : macOS Big Sur 11.6

Local Logs

local-lightning-verbose.log (170.0 KB)
local-lightning.log (219 Bytes)

Hello @Iven_FR - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

Have you tried to recreate the form again? If so, does it work like the other ones? Are there any special form settings or inputs that are different from the others?

Thank you! Let me know if you give that a try,


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Thanks a lot Sam for your answer and your welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, I tried to recreate the form and I have the same issue. It has the same settings than the other ones, just one different field (phone number) !
Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: :+1:

Hi @Iven_FR -

Interesting. I wonder if the issue is that field in particular.

Have you reviewed this doc about Contact Forms with Houzez?


Yes I reviewed all the theme’s documentation. I just deleted the phone field to test but I have the same issue again :thinking:
Here is the exact doc of the houzez elementor add-on I use :

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