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Issue with multiple user accounts on same Mac

Bug Summary

Local cannot be running in another user account as it causes routing issues.

Steps to reproduce

Log in to one user A’s account on Mac, open Local and start a site. Keep site running and switch to user B’s account (as though user A has left the Mac to come back to later and user B needs to use it beforehand).

User B opens Local and starts a site, and can’t access the sites until user A has logged in and stopped all running sites and quit local.

Environment Info

  • macOS Monterery
  • Latest Local version

Hello there @nick-somarketing - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

Thank you for sharing the problem you’re running into.

Can you provide a little more information about what you are attempting to accomplish by using two Local accounts at the same time?

Also, are you using Apple’s “fast user switching”?

Is there a reason you might need user A’s Local sites to still be running when user B is working on the same computer using Local?

Thank you for any additional details you can provide!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

Thanks for the reply.

It’s not ‘Local’ accounts (as in the local server app), it’s 2 user accounts on a Mac.

In my use-case, I am using my personal MacBook for work, and have a separate user account on the Mac for work purposes. It isn’t an issue for me as I just need to remember to close all running local sites and quit Local before switching to the other user account (if I forget, I am able to quickly switch back to the other account and quit local).

It becomes more of an issue where a Mac is used by multiple people (2 part-time Developers covering half a week each on the same machine). If User B doesn’t know the password to User A’s account and User A has left local sites running, User B is not able to start any local sites. The only way to resolve this is with a full system re-boot, and if User A has unsaved changes to documents, these may be lost.

If Local is running on User A’s account, and I log into User B and open a site I get this:

Restarting the site in User B’s account’s Local app does nothing.

If I then go to User A’s account, quit Local, and then back to User B’s account and restart the site it works.



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