[macOS] Using Local with multiple user accounts

I work with local in two sessions on my mac. I notice that local use the root host file.
When I change my session local replace each time, all the host file set up.
What is the right way to do it, with two sessions?
Thanks !

Hi Grégoire,

Just to be clear, you’re using Local with two different macOS user accounts on the same computer?

Yup, Local edits the computer’s /etc/hosts file.

Hi Clay,
That right. Two macOS account on the same computer.

Got it.

I don’t have any specific instructions for running Local on two different accounts other than the fact that I’m not sure if I’d recommend it since so much uses root level functionality like /etc/hosts.

Are you running into any specific problems such as sites not loading?

Hi Clay,

Thanks. Ok. I get it.
The problem is that Local replace in each account all the /etc/hosts lines generate by the App.



In that case, you should only have to click on “Fix It” in the top bar after switching accounts. Does that work for you?

Hi Clay!

Thanks. It works for me but perhaps Local should improve this part.


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I’ve made a note in our issue tracker to look into improving this.

Thanks for all of the info!