iTerm issue with command >=60 characters

Hi there,

I am using Local 2.4.1 with iTerm terminal 3.2.1 (the both latest releases).

I am notice a weird behaviour… writing 60 characters in the command line… text returns to the left.

So, I am not able to run a wp search-replace, just as example.

I know… I am not able to explain myself… it’s a little bit diffucult, but this is the first time I am experienced this kind of problem.

NOTE: it happens ONLY in the container, not on my machine. And with iTerm. With the standard Terminal it works.

Anyone could help? Anyone have any ideas?

Look at the screenshot: it was wp search-replace "//" "//roma.testtesttest.local"

I’ve seen this at least since 2.3.1 and I’m using

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Interesting, thanks for providing details! I was able to reproduce this in iTerm (didn’t test in

I’ve written up a bug in our issue tracker regarding this.

Thank you @clay.
Hope you will solve this weird issue… I was not able to do it.
Please write me a note once you’ll find the workaround.
My best

@clay I would like to update you:
I did install Build 3.2.2 of iTerm… unfortunately issue still there.

@clay you should try to use your “Default” iTerm profile. It seems it solves the issue. (I used Material Theme instead)