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Lightning Services Missing (reopened)

I just updated to 6.2.0 and have a “Lightning Services Missing” notification that seems to stop me from launching any local sites. I see that the issue was raised a couple years back but, was archived due to lack of activity. Any pointers?

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I have experienced the same thing. After updating the software.

I just updated to 6.2.0 and was in total panic because of that error. I found only APPLY button on the app, the one near PHP version. I didn’t change the version, just clicked APPLY and it downloaded same version and installed it. I guess they added those lighting extensions to php. Now everything works as before.


thank you! I saw the error and had no idea where to click - it doesn’t say “lightning” anywhere on the screen except in the error message.

Panic panic … I have the same issue here but I just don’ t know where to click the apply button on my installed programm on windows 10. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance!

That worked for me as well. Perhaps the error message should present this information.

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Check if you can see an Apply button next to the PHP-version in the sites window. That is where I found it and Local now works again.

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You r the best. Kinda hidden option. It finally works! Relieved …

+1 on the adding further instructions!

Don’t thank me, thank mariomarusic who had the solution.

This too helped me out today, THANK YOU! Everything had stopped working after installing update. The APPLY button next to the PHP version is the key for local to be up and working on a mac. Sorry, I don’t have a windows version to see if it is the same solution.

Mine is on windows, and it is the solution, yes.

Thanks, same problem and same solutions
I just missed to see the button ‘APPLY’ next to PHP , I clicked it and now it works fine again.

Sorry everyone for the confusion everyone!

For background on why this was changed, we updated the preferred environment to use the PHP 7.4.x version as opposed to the 7.3.x version so that it meets WordPress’ recommended version:

Because 7.3.x was the former preferred version, it was no longer present in the new build, which is why clicking ‘apply’ was able to download the missing service.

I have the same issue, Can you please tell me step by step how to fix this?

SAME EXPERIENCED I just updated to 6.2.0 and have a “Lightning Services Missing’’ issue , I can’t start site and Wordpress version is not showing…Can anybody help me please ?

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