Live Link - Custom username/password

I would like to see the ability to set your own username/password or disable it on Live Links.

It’s annoying when you get a username and password that is difficult to remember.

I you are Windows User You can edit this file

Find your site and change the user in basicAuthUsername and the passowrd in basicAuthPassword

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Good advice, just wish it was more userfriendly.

Thanks for creating this feature request. Don’t forget to upvote it so that we can help prioritize when this gets worked on!

Similarly, for a Mac, that location is at:

~/Library/Application Support/Local

And to help visualize what you’re editing:

Hey friends! Good news!
As of 6.1.5 Live Link credentials are customizable. I encourage you to download the latest version of Local to play with this feature and many others we’ve released since then. Let us know what you think!

Download the latest version of Local here:

Here are the release notes from 6.1.5:

Learn more about Live Links here: