Live Link doesn't generate any URL


I am having trouble with the live link function which does not generate any URL when I click on Enable. The button changes itself to Diable but no temporary URL is appearing at all.

I actually migrated a wordpress site from WAMP to Local as I wanted to share it with my client. I exported the database and content on a blank wordpress created with Local. The wordpress is working fine both on admin and front sides.

I tried reinstalling the Live Link add-on, rebooting my computer and so on. I also activated the virtualization in Bios as I got an error message on my first attempt to install Local. I’m running Local 1.4.5 for Windows. I get the same results by creating a new blank wordpress.

Could you please help me on that ?

Thank you a lot !

Hi Julie,

Sorry for the trouble! We’re currently looking into this.

Do you mind sharing what version of Windows you’re using?

Hi Clay,

No problem and thanks for your answer!
I am on Windows 8.1, 64-bit.


I am also attaching the log file in case it could be of any help.

Hope you could find a workaround soon :slight_smile:

local-by-flywheel.log (121.0 KB)