Live Link Error

I see the Live Link code, but when I copy and paste it for a client to see they get an error. What am I doing wrong here?

Sorry for the trouble!

Are you leaving the “Live Link” enabled and Local running after giving them the link? If not, the Live Link will turn off and they won’t be able to access your Local site.

Yes, its enabled and I see the green dot next to the link. I had someone test it and the received an error. Local was still up and running.

Can I have you test it?

If you click on the link yourself does it work? If it works for you it should work for anybody else unless something is going wrong with the WordPress configuration.

It worked. Thanks!

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Just to add into this: I am not sure how Live Link works. Can someone explain it to me? Yes, I am new to this.

So, I figured it out for myself - in case anyone else has this question. You machine has to be running, then whoever has the link can see what your work is. For example, a client can see how things are going.