Live link not working as expected

I am running Local on a laptop , wirelessly. My router is an Asus RT-AX56U. When I run a live link from my phone or another PC it does not function. It says something about the DNS. When I run it from localhost, the link the site appears minus the images. Can someone give me direction please?

Thanks in advance GT

It’s hard to know what’s going on here with more information. At the very least, can you please provide your Local Log? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

In addition to that, what is the exact error that’s given. DNS is a pretty large topic and there’s lots of reasons for things to fail!

Hi thanks for your reply

local-lightning.log (54.4 KB) (5.4 KB)

I have uploaded the log files I hope that gives some sort of indication. Thks again.

I’m not seeing anything specific about a DNS error in either of those logs. Do you have the specific error that you are encountering?

One thing I did notice is that this site appears to be using Elementor.

It looks like this site uses the Elementor page builder to create pages. This is great, but one issue that can happen is that the way that Elementor stores the styling data makes it hard to update the URL when accessing the site over a Live Link. Specifically, Elementor stores the styles for individual pages in external CSS files which Local can’t edit to update that url.

What you need to do is log into the WordPress admin and navigate to Elementor’s settings page under “Elementor > Settings > Advanced.”

On that page, you’ll need to change the “CSS Print Method” to “Internal Embedding”. This will make is so the Elementor styles will not be written to files, and therefore are using the correct URLs that are found within the database.

See this related topic for more details about that setting:

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