Live Link started returning a 404 page after working fine. Tried on multiple browsers. How to fix?

Issue Summary

Live Link started returning a 404 page after working fine. Tried on multiple browsers.

Here is the Link:

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How to fix?

This is on a wordpress site I created in LocalWP and just broke today. I


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    the latest 6.6.1+6281

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      Latest MacOS - no change since it went from working to not working
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Hi @IdeaToGrowth

To confirm the Live Link is throwing a 404 while your Local App is up and running and the site has been Started?

Hi All,

I rebooted my Mac and the 404 Live Link issue went away.

I don’t want to have to restart my Mac if this happens again.

What is the root cause/debug procedure for correcting 404 on the Live Link?

I see this issue has come up in the past.

Reinstalling the LocalWP software to fix a 404 issue or restarting one’s computer is not an acceptable fix.

How about a LocalWP restart button on the app if you know what causes this?

The product is impressive but I just started using it this week and I don’t know if this is going to be a repeating bug.


Hi @IdeaToGrowth

If you’re running into this issue in the future, this thread might be helpful in troubleshooting:

If it’s still a problem feel free to follow up with some screenshots and your Local Log - Retrieving Local’s Log File

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Hi Nick,

I read nothing on the website about the live links site tunnels closing down automatically. Is this from experience or is it documented somewhere? If the live link tunnels are being closed by the app, then why does the app show the link is still “ON”? If the app is closing down the tunnel, it needs to turn off the button in the app that shows that the live link is still on, and not doing so is clearly a bug/oversight to users.

What is the correct process to 're-enable the site tunnel?" Do I turn off the live link, count to 10, then turn it on again? I’m not trying to be overly critical with this, but I understand connections being timed out, but the app should reflect that the tunnel is 'off/broken". Can this ‘fix’ be made to the app to eliminate this bug/issue?


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Hi @IdeaToGrowth

We don’t have any official documentation that drills down into these details, so that’s a great call out! I’ll make some notes to discuss this with our documentation team.

Live Links is not meant to be a permanent working URL but more of a quick and easy way to share a snapshot of the site with a client or a peer. That’s why the Live Link will only work while your Local App is up and running, the site is Started, and Live Links is enabled. Once anything is closed down that connection is severed. As mentioned by Ben in that thread I linked to, even if you leave everything up, that tunnel will only have a life of about 24 hours.

Other things can factor into this working normally as well such as network speed, VPNs, security, antivirus, firewalls, etc

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Hi Nick,

Super response time! Kudos!

I still stand by my strong suggestion that if the tunnel is closed by the app, or even goes down, changing the state of the Live Link Enable is the beat process.

If the app disables the tunnel, it’s trivial to have the state of the Live Link Enable button be changed at the sane time.

If the tunnel is closed by the app being turned off, the Live Link button should be OFF by default, and perhaps it is but I haven’t checked.

If the tunnel breaks for any reason, a simple crontab job could check the tunnel every 5-15min and if the tunnel is down, change the state of the Live Link button to OFF.

I know this may seem like overkill but this entire thread would have never happened if the button had this functionality.

The Live Link button was the first thing I checked and it was showing ENABLED, so I wasted time looking for other issues.

Even if there were simple text next to the button stating “Live link not working? Turn off, count to 5, then turn back on.”, I would have fixed the broken tunnel issue and never contacted Support.

I’m really big on eliminating support calls for any reason as it adds costs to a business and ultimately to what a customer pays, as well as causes a great product to not shine as much as possible. That’s why I’ve made these suggestions.

Anyway, its in your court. I’ve made my case.



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I’ve raised this to our Local dev and product team to explore options for improving this feature in the app. Thank you for your detailed feedback which gave us lots to consider about where to go with enhancements!

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