Live Site on Mobile

I am working on a cleanup and redo of an existing website. I am working in Local to make changes and work through layout concerns. The Live Link is not always the same as the .local link, which makes me leery of sending the link to the client, but also, it’s not loading on a mobile browser, so I am not able to really see the site functionality on a mobile browser. This is huge for me since the main reason for this work is to make this site more responsive and flow better on a phone browser.

Do I have any other options for previewing my work?

Here is the current link, before it expires:

Hi @ewbeyer,

When you tried to load the Live Link on a mobile device, did you see any errors?

Yup! The easiest way is to create a demo site on Flywheel and then use the Connect to Flywheel functionality in Local to push the Local site to the demo Flywheel site :slight_smile:

Hi Clay. Turned out there was a caching, and security plugins getting in the way. Once I disabled them everything works beautifully. Thanks for the response.


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