Local 2.01 VERY slow on my system


Using 2.01 on newer Windows system. Scanned similar topics, all are pre-2.01 release. I know there were hopes of speed improvements for those experiencing this issue. I’ve failed to find any solutions from those earlier posts that were applicable to my system, or actionable. Takes 20 to 40 seconds after clicking on anything for page to refresh, or open a new page, or save. Really anything. No error or warnings or signs of issues.

Any suggestions, helpful. I’ve uploaded the log.


local-by-flywheel.log (116.8 KB)

Hi Steve,

Is this a fairly complex site or a completely fresh site?

Also, the speed improvements on sites are only for macOS since Windows does not ship with NFS by default.

Pretty fresh. Its been like this since the beginning. Even before I added anything. I’ve loaded a theme, several product images, some plugins, and that’s it. Each click is agonizing.

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You may want to look into your Windows power saving settings. See http://www.rawinfopages.com/tips/2015/05/speed-up-virtualbox-enormously-with-this-simple-tweak/

Please let me know if you see any improvements by changing that.

Good read. I already had High Performance checked. I did go in and adjust the minimum processor on Power Saver mode. Still really slow.

Any other ideas?

This might help: Speed Issues on Local Machine

Does your computer have an HDD or SSD?

I too have performance issues with version 2.04 and Windows 10 and a HHD although task manager shows that memory, cpu, and disk are not pegging. Right now Local is unusable for me…too slow

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@rclarke @byured

Local 2.0.7 is now available as a pre-release if you’d like to test it out. It now includes “Faster Docker Volumes” for Windows and should speed up your sites in Local :slight_smile: