Local by Flywheel 2.1.2 (and prior) Issues

There are some issues on Flywheel that would be awesome to have fixed:

  • Local by Flywheel is no longer sending a ACPI Shutdown command to the VirtualBox VM to shutdown. I understand that this is to speed Local by Flywheel, but maybe to some users (like myself) it would be better to have an option to send or not this ACPI Shutdown to VirtualBox.

  • WP Multisites can’t Upgrade Network over HTTPS, only on HTTP - When using SSL/HTTPS a Multisite Network Admin can’t Upgrade Network (cURL error for the SSL) - This comes from a prior version (can’t specify) not from 2.1.2 but it would be awesome to do it over HTTPS.

  • WP Multi Networks Support - First thing is to map other Multi Network-Mapped Domains on Flywheel. I’ve found Map multiple Domains to a single Local by Flywheel Instance that teaches how to trick it, but would be awesome to be able to map other domains to be mapped by Multi Network Plugin. Also, the same issue above about Upgrading Networks: on Multi Network, the sole Network Admin Upgrade Network that works is the one from the domain used by Local by Flywheel, and only over HTTP. If Local by Flywheel could map other domains to a single Instance, this could all be fixed - Also not from 2.1.2.

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the feedback!

Are you shutting down all of the sites prior to quitting Local?

There are some improvements we’d like to make here. I’ve added your note to our issue tracker.

I definitely agree that this will make a nice addition. I’ve added your name to the list of people who have requested this so we have a better idea of interest :slight_smile:

Hey Clay, thank you for getting back!

1 - Yes I’m shutting down all Instances before quitting Local by Flywheel.
2 - Thank you! Will be awesome to be able to Upgrade Network from any Network Admin Dashboard on WP Multi Networks, and all of it using HTTPS!
3 - Please let me know if I can be more usefull to this software development! :wink:

P.S. - This application is just amazing, you guys rock! Do you have a job for me? I’m journalist, 6 languages (native Brazilian Portuguese, plus English, French, Italian, Catalan and Spanish), and your product makes me with to get involved.

Wordpress on Flywheel doesn’t seem to work 100% if using SSL on a local site. Wordpress cURL functions are broken. See cURL error 7: Failed to connect to www.domain.dev port 443: Connection refused

Hey there!

Local by Flywheel 2.2.4 for MacOS is great, ACPI Shutdown is back and that’s pretty cool!

  • On the other hand, the Upgrade Network over HTTPS Error stills there:

Warning! Problem updating https://dev.yoursite.tld. Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to dev.yoursite.tld port 443: Connection refused

Is there any way to wourkaround that? Thanks!