ManageWP's Local Sync not connecting with Flywheel Local

I just started using Flywheel and I’m lovin’ so far. Being able to work local, hassle free, would be a complete joy for me given the fact I don’t have a fast connection.

I use ManageWP and just discovered their beta ‘Local Sync’ option. It would AMAZING if I could get this to work with Local Flywheel and push live to local and local to live.

But I have not been able to get it to work. When ask for the URL in Local Sync ManageWP I placed the local URL with Flywheel (e.g. mysite.local ) . It doesn’t work. I even tried the live link with Flywheel. It doesn’t work.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I ran into the same problem and reached out to ManageWP support. Here’s the response I got:

"We actually have some issues with Local by Flywheel and our Local Sync feature at the moment. It looks like it’s because Local by Flywheel creates a custom structure, and we are not able to get to the Worker plugin. Our developers are aware of it, and we are working on resolving and integrate this before we pull the feature out of beta version. However, you can reach out to Local by Flywheel and ask them to whitelist all of our IPs under the server’s settings:

Also, can you ask them to whitelist our custom communication headers from any mod_security rules that are present on the server:


You should whitelist all of those IPs under the settings of any security plugin you might be using as well. And try again."

It would be wonderful if someone from Local by Flywheel would respond to this thread and maybe offer up a solution? Unfortunately, I suspect it’s not in Flywheel’s best interest to cooperate with ManageWP since they are owned by GoDaddy, a competitor hosting service. And since Flywheel has there own one-click push and pull integration with their hosting platform, allowing 3rd party integration from ManageWP de-incentivizes the purchase of Flywheel hosting.

For me, that is a moot point. I’m not at all a fan of GoDaddy, but I do like ManageWP. I use SiteGround hosting, and while I have nothing against Flywheel, have no intention of switching to them because I am supremely happy with them and do not need any of the extra tools (other than local sync) that Flywheel charges you an arm and a leg for.

Hi Paladin,

Thanks so much for your thorough answer. It’s too bad since Flywheel is so quick to get up an running. It is what it is and you may be correct about third-party integrations. I’ve spent much time just looking for a smooth solution to work locally. I don’t have a very fast connection.

Have a great day.

Running into this same issue.

@Paladin - Did you manage to get any further with implementing the changes ManageWP suggested to make the connection work?

No, unfortunately not. And to be honest, I quit using Local by Flywheel in order to work around it. I use DesktopServer now and it works just fine.

Hey I wanted to start a new thread about this as I will be doing some ongoing testing.
But if anyone is still interested I posted what works for me here…

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