Local by Flywheel doesn't end task when closed in Windows 10

In Windows 10 I close Local by Flywheel after using it for a bit. Then I try to re-open it but it won’t re-open because the task is still running, a few instances of it in fact. I have to open Task Manager and manually end the task, or restart the computer. Not a terrible bug, but still definitely a bug. Why is the task not ending when I close the program/app? Anybody else have this issue in Windows 10?

Happy to do some tests to resolve this issue if I get some instructions on how to proceed.

It’s a known problem since version 2.3.1 See: https://local.getflywheel.com/community/t/local-does-not-start-consistently-multiple-instances-running-in-background/6810/25.

The LBF team does nothing about it, blames it on “an upstream dependency” (not even making clear what “dependency”).

Actually, the LBF team NEVER blames ANY OF THE ONGOING PROBLEMS on what they do. It is getting to the point of being ridiculous. Did I say ‘getting to’? It IS ridiculous!

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