Local by Flywheel (Mac) very slow

I’m using Local 2.2.4 on a Macbook Air. Local is just working extremely slowly, so much so, that I can’t open the edit view of a page. Duplicator builds are also getting interrupted.

I’m particularly noticing this issue after enabling the live link.

I tried the permissions fix mentioned here and that seemed to help after a while the last time this happened, but it is not helping right now. (Apparently, the permissions get reset after the live link is tried).

Any suggestions on what I can do? This is leading to a lot of wasted time. I’ve tried restarting the server and even the computer but it’s not helping. Additionally, once the live link has been enabled, the problem does not stay limited to the website the link is for. Every other website also significantly slows down.

Thank you.

I found that the default WordPress memory allocation set by Local is TOO SMALL. PHP has to run in RAM and there was too little to run things - particularly from the Dashboard.

Here is the link to my post to increase the WordPress memory allocation: Speeding up Wordpress on Local

Having more RAM sped up working on my sites.
While using LOCAL, I increased each site to 256 MB RAM.

NOTE that your host may not allow this much RAM, so check with them what their limit is for WordPress before transferring your site to the live site.

Could be one of a few things, but try the following one at a time

  1. If using “.local” in the domain name, change it to something else, for example: “.mylocal”
  2. Disable “Faster docker volumes” in advanced settings
  3. Increase the resources available to the virtual machine in virtualbox

Just curious, why would changing “.local” in the domain speed up the site?

On a Mac the .local domain is associated with Bonjour mDNS. This is the potential issue.

It’s probably better to use .test

That makes sense. Since this is a problem, I wonder why FlyWheel doesn’t make the default domain something else then…

It was “.dev” until google started using it …