Local cant seem to load previous files

Local cant seem to load previous files.
I even copier the folder to another location, and created a new site, then copied the previous one again.
And all those commands that @clay mentioned in other’s posts. They cant seem to work.

Local version is 5.2.3+2248
My OS is Win10local-lightning.log (133.0 KB)

Hey @Shahrukh, welcome to the community forums!

I wanted to clarify a few things – are you trying to migrate from the old stable version of Local by Flywheel (v3.3.0) to the new version of Local (v5.x)?

The two versions are quite different and are technically two different apps. The reason we built things this way was to allow users to migrate sites at their own pace. What this means though, is that you’ll need to export the sites from the 3.3.0 version, by right-clicking on the site and selecting “Export” and then import the site into the 5.x version by dragging-and-dropping the zip onto the new version of Local.

That process is outlined in a little more detail by following the steps in this help doc:


If you aren’t able to access the old, 3.3.0 version, then you can try restoring the site using a backup, or try using the files for the site by following the steps outlined in the “Restoring From Only Local Site files” section of this help doc:

Hope that helps clarify some things. If you still have problems, let us know where things are going wrong and we can help take a closer look!

Sir actually this wasn’t the problem.
The site option disappeared before updating local and i recently installed it , and when the site disappeared, i thought it was because local was continuosly telling me to update, so i did. But nothing happened.
But now as i have made database again.
How should i avoid this in near future?
What was the problem

Hey @Shahrukh

I’m having some trouble understanding what the issue is. When I look at the Local log, I’m not seeing any errors that would point to a problem within Local.

When you say that the “site option disappeared” – Are you saying that the site disappeared from within Local?

It’s hard to say why that would happen without seeing the exact error. Is it possible that somehow the computer was restored to a previous snapshot and therefore didn’t have access to a recently created site?

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