How to update from 3.3.0 to 5.3.3?

How do I update from “Local by Flywheel v 3.3.0” to the current, “Local v 5.3.3”?

Version 3.3.0 says it is up-to-date. I can download and run 5.3.3 but it doesn’t have my sites.

I believe the problem I am encountering is caused by the app having been renamed from “Local by Flywheel” to simply “Local”. My main objective is to automatically port my sites, as there are a bunch of them and I’d prefer not to do the export / import dance.

In Application Support both “Local by Flywheel” and “Local” have folders. If I try to copy over the sites.json file I get this error when trying to start a site:

“Unable to start site. Error: Error: Cannot copy ‘wordpress-single.conf’ to a subdirectory of itself, ‘wordpress-single.conf’.” etc.

Ditto if I copy the entire set of application support files.

Any way around this?

You must export the site from Local 3.x and import it into Local 5.x. There is no shortcut.

Thank you Andy

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