Do I need to make a back up of a site in development?

Hi, firstly, I am very new to all this and developing my first site on WP Local so sorry for newby question. I am also not very “techy”! I am getting on well with the site development but suddenly wondered if I need to back up my work so far if my site is still in development and not live or hosted yet? I have googled but unsure if what Ive found relates more to when a site is live. I noticed that there is a WP local version update and it states to back up before updating but I found the instructions too much for me to understand.

It all depends on how important that changes you have been making are. If you’re just playing around and it doesn’t matter, then taking a backup isn’t that big of a deal.

For sites that are going to eventually be live, I think it’s a good idea to take backups every so often. You can do that easily with Local by right-clicking on the site in Local and selecting “Export.”

This will give you a zip file that you can drag-and-drop onto Local at any point that you want to restore the site.

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Thanks Ben, thats really simple then, appreciate your reply

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