Local don't list Local Sites

I have Local by Flywheel V 3.3.0 running on Mac Osx El Capitain 10.11.6

I don’t know what happend, but all my local projects disapeard from Local (are not being listed when Local opens)… but all of them are intact on the local folder.

I’ve tried and succedded on creating a new project.
Works just fine…but there is no way i can get Local to list the other projects.
When i try to create a project with the same name, it presents an error message:" /Users/myuser/Local Sites/projectname has existing Local by Flywheel data. Please choose a different path."

Can you suggest how can i get all of those project (still on “Local sites” folder) back to Local by Flywheel local sites listing?


Try the instructions to restore a site from a folder:

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