Local install on Mac gets stuck on Preferences Allow Oracle to load

I go to Preferences > Security & Privacy… to allow the Oracle files. Clicking “Allow” does nothing.

Please advise. Thank you.


Maybe this can help you: https://github.com/docksal/docksal/issues/417

I also got stuck on the Virtualbox installation. After disabling SIP I was able to succesfully install Virtual Box and the rest of the Local app.

Hope it helps.


Thanks @juanxro

Scouring this community and the internet I came up with either SIP or spctl as a solution. SIP seemed all-encompassing while spctl seemed more targeted.

I ended up using the spctl solution discussed at these sites:

Essentially, I went to Recovery mode, Terminal, and entered:
“sudo spctl kext-consent disable”

This turned off the kernel extension checking and everything loaded fine. I’ve since made a site, and closed, and reset a few times to make sure all is well. And it is.

I have left this option disabled for now as I figure updates will be a problem. I am a tad concerned that this check is disabled but for now, I am happy.

This appears to be a common problem for Mac OS 10.13 (I am at 10.13.5) and at least some Virtual Machine software.


Great! That’s a much better and safe solution, @kirkwood.

Thank you!