Local Lightning Aliases


So I’ve been working on a plugin using the new Local Lightning, and I’m having difficulty getting an alias domain to work…I’m looking to get it so that site1.local and site2.local both point to the same WP install.

I’ve tried updating some of the conf files but haven’t had any success yet. Additionally, I saw this topic: WP-CLI aliases do not work and don’t know if that would help, but wanted to see if you had any other advice.

Thank you,

Hi Kevin!

I use the Volumes Add-on and map the /public/app to my “global” WordPress installation.

This is working straight forward without using WP-CLI at all.


Thank you for the reply! I did look at this but I don’t think Local Lightning has add-in integration yet.

Any update on this? I was about to switch to Lightning, but I need the ability to make folder aliases work (in my case, for plugin development).

Local 5.x is able to use a symlink.


GASP! So it does! That’s excellent news and it’s so much easier than pre-5.x methods!

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