Local Lightning site cannot establish a connection to WordPress.org

Hi there!
I’m using latest v5.4.2+3383 on Windows 10
Since yesterday I can’t update plugins on any of my sites.
Tried disabling the firewall, rolling back to earlier versions, and rebooted several times.

I’ve seen Help! My Local site cannot establish a connection to WordPress.org but it does not apply to “Lightning”.

Please help! =)
Thank you.

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I use ESET Internet Security 13 and had to manually add exclusions to all relevant folders (duhh…no wonder). The problem is not the firewall, but the antivirus “realtime protection” that slows down Local processes. There are no warnings, no false positives nor log entries of any kind, so I suppose it’s a performace thing.

Once you exclude local from any sort of antivirus scan, all problems are gone.


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