Local not working in Linux

I just installed Local and proceeded with “Create a New Site”. After the setup, when I clicked on “Add Site”, the window is loading infinitely with the message “Starting Up Site Services”. It’s stuck on this window for hours. At first it asked for administration access, which I granted. But then no progress at all. It’s my very first journey, so need your kind help.

OS: Linux Mint 19


Exactly the same problems here. I’ve tried three times with separate ubuntu implementations.

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I deleted that website creation, and then tried again. This time it’s working fine. Just facing problem with installing plugins.

I’m having the same issue importing a site from Local by Flywheel. I’ve deleted and re-added but outcome is the same.

I’m having the same issue on macOS,
It just hangs on “Starting up Site Services” and doesn’t do anything after that.