Local on Windows does not display the green circle correctly on active websites

Bug Summary

When Local starts up and I activate a site, a green circle appears to indicate the active site, but after a while when I launch another website, the green circle no longer appears on active websites, so it’s hard to tell which sites are running.

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Windows 11 latest
Local latest

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Hello @shock_31337 -

Can you indicate what version of Local you are running?



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Version 9.0.1+6673

But this error appeared a couple of versions ago. And by the way sometimes newly added sites do not appears in the list at all so I have to reload application.

So this appeared a couple versions ago, and then resolved itself for a while until it came back?

Can you share your full Local Logs with us? Retrieving Local’s Log File

No, it is not resolved for now.
local-logs.zip (1.4 MB)

Does this issue happen for new, blank sites when you create them or is it just for sites that you’ve already had in Local for awhile?

Are you running other developer applications simultaneously? Apps like MAMP, XAMPP, or Docker for example.

Do all of your sites use MySQL and NGINX or do you have any running MariaDB or Apache?

It is happens for all sites. I use only Local for local development.

I noticed a pattern that this happens after Windows exits hibernation mode. Now I can repeat this bug. I launch Local, everything works as it should. I close the laptop lid, which puts it into hibernation mode and start it again. The Local highlights running sites with a green circle, but if you start a new site or stop an already running one, it will not appear in the list of sites. Neither the green circles nor the display of the total number of running sites changes.

This is a UI issue only, whether the green icon appears or not, sites work fine.

Thank you for the extra details @shock_31337 - We’ll pass this along to the Local Devs to look into further!

Thanks for reporting this, @shock_31337. I can’t reproduce on Windows so far. Closing my laptop and reopening (even after some time) still shows the correct green circle state for all sites.

One thing you can try is to:

  1. Choose Preferences → Advanced, enable “Show Develop menu”, and click “Apply”.
  2. Next time you see this issue after exiting hibernation mode, try pressing Ctrl + R. (This shortcut requires step 1; it won’t work without that.)

Those steps will refresh Local’s interface, which may update the status without having to quit and reopen Local. If that doesn’t help either, it would be helpful for us to know.

Yes, Refresh window command in the development menu updates UI and everything works fine until next hibernation. Have you tested specifically Windows hibernation mode or is it just a Sleep mode?

Thanks for confirming that. I tried both Sleep and Hibernate (I set “lid close” to trigger Hibernate on battery and when plugged in via Power Options in System Settings). Local works with both for me. I’ll leave this open to collect more info in case others see it too, though.

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