Local Pro for Paid Pressmatic Users


Congrats on the acquisition of Pressmatic! I’m thrilled to see that this project will live on and grow under Flywheel and thank you for offering it up to the community for free.

As someone that has paid for Pressmatic that is outside of the 30 day refund period, I’m kinda bummed to read your refund policy you’ve outlined here.

  • If refunds will not be issued to Pressmatic users outside of 30 days will we still have to pay for Local Pro once it’s released?
    • Any idea what features this will have added?
  • Anything else you can maybe do to help me out? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

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I have also paid for Pressmatic, and reported issue’s to Clay and resolved them together.

I support brianjking as we would consider it a kind gesture to supply us with u Pro license

Hey Brian,

You should have just received an email that gives $100 in free credit to Flywheel. We’d also be happy to supply a free copy of Local Pro to you when it comes out (we don’t have an ETA yet). I’m putting your name on the list to make sure that happens though.

Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.

Thanks and we are glad you are thrilled because we are as well.


@FreDeRoover We got you on the list for a free Pro license as well! Also, check your email for another Flywheel offer for all existing Pressmatic users!


That’s just awesome, thanks for listening!

Might go flywheel after all :slight_smile:

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I hope the plan is to do that for ALL of the clients who paid the $100 for the software that is now being given away for free, myself included.

Yes I got the email about the $100 credit, but really though, what about those of us who have our own servers … I see that as a semi marketing plan towards users who purchased Pressmatic … I personally have no need for a flywheel account.

I’m not trying to dog on you guys and wish you the best of luck, it just sucks having purchased the software very recently and then all of a sudden it’s given away for free and will probably now be geared towards flywheel and not a general software tool.

I hope you can understand where some of us who decided to spend the cash on the software are coming from, as Pressmatic only made it to version 1.2.0 and it hasn’t been out for long

I’m very excited for the possibilities. As a very early adopter of Pressmatic I will gladly support a Local Pro version.

Congrats to both Clay and Flywheel!

Thanks Andy!

I greatly appreciate you being a supporter from the very beginning! :grinning:

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@tripflex I’ll make sure everything gets sorted out for you. We plan on giving Local Pro away everone who purchased Pressmatic for free as well. I’m sending you a separate email shortly to see if we can get something figured out for your specific use case as well.


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@derek.homann I’m in the same case as @tripflex. I appreciate the Local Pro offer and the Flywheel hosting coupon, however, I have NO IDEA when or WHAT Local Pro will be. Secondly, I already have my hosting infrastructure setup between Google Cloud / AWS and LiquidWeb.

Feeling a bit frustrated, I guess.

Please feel free to move this into an email privately if you so desire. You can @brianjking me on Twitter for my email if you don’t have access to it here.

Thanks again.

I’m totally with @tripflex; I have no interest in Flywheel, and feel not very good about the fact that the package I paid for is now available for free, without any notice upfront that this was coming.

Hope you can put me on the list for the free pro version as well.


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Yeah, this is frustrating.

@derek.homann I’m in the same boat. I run my own server and getting $100 in credit for Flywheel doesn’t really appeal to me. Not that I don’t like your company - it appears to be pretty awesome and I think buying Pressmatic was a smart move.

Anyways, I’m happy for the merger and I’m sure good things will come of it. I don’t think $100 in hosting credit is really a fair compensation but I’m confident in what Flywheel will be doing for developers moving forwards. Congrats on the merger!

Edit: removed paragraph

Thanks, very glad to see you guys are proactive about this and responding to existing clients instead of just ignoring them, makes me a lot more comfortable with you guys taking over Pressmatic, look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! Thanks again!

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@derek.homann In the same boat here. Just purchased in September and haven’t seen any official email about this change/merger yet. While I’m happy about this merger (I don’t feel the product was getting the attention it needed), I’m concerned about how the previous paying customers are going to be treated. So far, not looking good.

Looking forward to hearing more details and if/how current paying customers will get access to pro and what pro offers.

Hi @derek.homann congrats on getting Pressmatic onboard!

I am also a paid Pressmatic user and do not really need hosting service as I have these things sorted already.

Can you please add me to the free upgrade to Pro license list so I can get it when the Pro version of Local comes out.

Thank you for your help,

Hi @derek.homann I also purchased pressmatic in September, but did not receive any email about receiving a credit. Like many others I will not need flywheel hosting. I am interested in the Local pro.

Will you be sending another email out to pressmatic paid users again as a reminder for the upgrade? I would also like to upgrade to Pro license.


@littlesumo We will send out a separate email about the Pro upgrade when we get to that point. It may be alittle ways out (baby steps at this point), but we will make sure it happens.

@xeiter All existing Pressmatic customers are on the list for free Pro upgrades. No need to do anything else. We are taking care of all of it :slight_smile:


@justinkorn All existing users will get a free Pro upgrade, so you should be good to go. We are going to make sure we take care of the early adopters and make sure you get everything you paid for and more.