Existing Pressmatic customers left out of Beta launch of Local Pro

Surprised existing Pressmatic customers didn’t receive any communication about the beta launch of Pro.

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Hi Justin! Sorry for any confusion on this. Local Pro Beta hasn’t been released to customers just yet. We’ll be sure to reach out to Pressmatic customers at that time.

@mandy and @clay

We were told over a year ago Local Pro was coming but that a timeline for that was TBD…

After a year It’s feeling a lot like that was an empty promise. Is Local Pro even product you actively have people working on?

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Hi Jon -

We are absolutely committed to Local Pro and stand by our original promise to our Pressmatic customers. I’ll be transparent because I’m sure “still TBD” doesn’t feel great. Our current focus is on core product stability and quality. We want to address the issues being reported here by our users and level up our quality assurance practices. This work needs to happen in Local Standard for all users to benefit, and we believe it’s work that ought to happen before we pursue a paid Pro product offering. We’d love to talk with you more about what problems you’d like to see Local solve for you next year.

Thank you @mandy for replying. It’s nice to hear you’re still committed to Local Pro but it’s still unclear what that actually means?

You stated, “work needs to happen in Local Standard for all users to benefit”. I understand I’m not opposed to that. However, what benefits will there ever be for Local Pro over Standard?

Local is great, I’m a huge fan of it. However, I can’t envision any roadmap towards a Local Pro features that I think FlyWheel would ever actually invest resources in. Most the fancy features I can envision FlyWheel actually pursuing are going to be FlyWheel specific ones like one-click deploy/pull. There is no business sense in FlyWheel limiting those to “Pro”.

The features I’d love to see, like advanced local code profiling (think New Relic), would take too many resources to build in generic/cross-platform way if at all.

What features do you actually see being exclusively in Pro?

@mandy Really glad to see some communication going on around this topic. Based on your response, it seems like Pro isn’t even on your team’s radar or on the roadmap for the time being which is a disappointment to me and I’m sure other customers that paid for the Pressmatic product.

As someone who paid for Pressmatic only months before it was purchased/merged into Local by FlyWheel, I’ve been struggling with only having access to community support. One of the reasons I went for a paid product was in the hopes to have solid support on my side. I’ve posted before in the forums with no response: http://local.getflywheel.com/community/t/mysql-connect-failed/4070 Luckily I figured this one out (can’t remember what I did exactly).

Beyond that, it’d be great to see a product roadmap for Pro. I initially invested in a local development platform that was not connected to Flywheel and, at this time, don’t have plans on using Flywheel for hosting. If Pro is only going to offer a deeper integration with Flywheel, that information would be helpful so I can decide to move-on to another local setup or decide the Free version is what I need/want to keep things running locally for the time being.

I’ll reiterate Jon’s question as I don’t it to go unnoticed:

Thanks for your attention and I hope you can keep the lines of communication open with us going forward.



@mandy – Any further updates? As someone that paid quite a fair sum of money for Pressmatic it is frustrating that I don’t believe anything has come to what Pro is or when it is expected to arrive.