WTH?!?! So Local Pro has now been released and Pressmatic users have heard nothing

So after ALL this…


and more…

Local Pro get’s released and Pressmatic customers don’t even get a heads up… 3 years of empty promises about “taking care of early Pressmatic customers”

We don’t get told about or given access to Pro as promised, we don’t get told about or given access to Lightning…

You’re really not showing you care 2 cents about Pressmatic customers over the years… You treat us like an inconvenient afterthought at best.

Pssst! Local Pro requires a Flywheel hosting account. So I won’t be bothering adding even more to my development costs. When I supported the development of Pressmatic with my Pro purchase I expected a bit more. $100 wasted is better than being sucked into a proprietary development workflow. Time to go back to a FOSS solution I think.

Thanks for all the fish.

It’s not just that a Local Pro apparently has been released secretly, Local Lightning is also still a secret (“Psst! You have to require access to our very special secret group for you to be able to test our very special secret new apparently lightning fast set-up, but hey don’t tell anyone because you know it’s a secret, so if you tell anyone else…”).

What a mess this Flywheel team is. It more and more feels like a bunch of schoolboys doing all kinds of secret things that no-one should know about. You know, we have our very secret boys club and thus we don’t tell anyone about it!!!

And on top of that, Local Pro is only for people with a Flywheel account. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Mark my words: Local Pro is the only version that will live on, ‘Community’ will die and ‘Lightning’ will not even come to fruition.

And IF the above is a wrong assumption, then maybe you of the secret boys club might want to start COMMUNICATING!!!

I’ve been hosting at Flywheel for 4 years and couldn’t be happier. The Fly hosting support is exceptional. Although I have my own true local setup, the day they offered LbF, I jumped on it bc it appeared to be a smoother workflow for updating and branching sites.

Prior to LbF version 3, I found it too painful to use, not booting up, hanging more often than not. I had trouble understanding how Flywheel was letting this LbF continue while it was clearly not ready for prime time. I wasn’t a Pressmatic user, but I don’t get how people were happy with it, yet LbF was such a mess for so long.

Today was the first I heard of Lightning. I also never received an announcement of Community. Go figure. The communication for LbF has been extremely lacking from day 1. And Clay must have been pulling his hair out continuously.

So, now that Flywheel has been purchased, it will be interesting to see where this LbF tool heads in the future. After all, the “mothership” recently announced their own Local setup.

Have a good weekend, kids!

Here’s the thing I don’t get. I met some of the FlyWheel executive team at the WP Engine summit just days after the announcement, super nice folks. I’ve met Clay, super nice person.

I don’t understand the utter disconnect when it comes to communicating about Local

I do understand Lightning being invite only. It’s beta. It’s seriously awesome, but there are a lot of “that doesn’t work yet” parts. But still, you’d think you could throw the Pressmatic folks a bone here.

It’ll be interesting to see if Flywheels culture of disregard post acquisition plays out again with the WPE acquisition. Nice as they are, I sure as heck trust WPE people a whole lot more than Flywheel people at this point.

Hey there!

Whoa did we drop the ball here: I completely agree that we could have communicated a whole lot better about this release and clarify expectations with Pressmatic customers.

In fact, we had an email and landing page with information for Pressmatic customers planned for release this last Tuesday but ran into some last minute hiccups launching it.
Pressmatic customers should have received an email by posting of this message with information about redeeming Local Pro. Landing page coming soon.

The long and short of it: we’ll be providing a free, lifetime license of Local Pro to Pressmatic supporters.

I joined the Local team in January, and it’s been my mission to bring better support and clarity to our awesome community about what they can expect from us. Over the last few months we’ve:

  • Operated regular forum campfires to triage and help community members with Local issues
  • Launched Local Lightning beta to receive feedback and address longstanding challenges using Local
  • Launched the Local Beta Program to officially gather together community feedback for upcoming releases

We’re working on more community-focused features for release later this year like accessibility and multilingual improvements.

Stay fly,

Jack Sellwood
Product Manager, Local


Yes, I have received that email.

However, @flyjack it still doesn’t convince me of Flywheel’s good intentions. I’d even say: totally on the contrary.

BECAUSE, in the email there’s this: “we’ve discovered that reliable WordPress deployments require tight integration with hosting infrastructure to be elegant and seamless”.


What this means is: “We generously give you, as a revered PressMatic customer, free use of our Pro software, however ONLY if we can catch you into our cage called Flywheel Hosting.”

Just one word: pathetic. Do I have to spell it out for you Flywheel schoolboys? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C


@newfrizz this seems like an opportunity to create an Add-on that would integrate with your hosting company of choice. Obviously there is a way for this to happen as it works for Flywheel hosting. My hope is that Flywheel moves this functionality to an Add-on and thereby creates a template for WPE hosting and other providers.

Consider the opportunity, especially with Flywheel’s Laboratory. https://localbyflywheel.com/laboratory/


So it’s been a year… Lots of “Local Pro” stuff out. I still have not seen one word about keeping promises made to Pressmatic customers.

Hey @jb510 – thanks for bringing this up!

We’ve tried emailing the Pressmatic customers using their original email and a number of them have responded. I’m sorry that your user has slipped through the cracks!

Can you reach out to Flywheel’s support team and ask to claim your Pressmatic subscription? Here’s the link to submit a support ticket:

I searched throughly for any email from Flywheel or mention of “Pressmatic” in an email and there is nothing like that. Just a couple forum notifications from this very thread and a couple about betas. Seems like some people did get the email, just not me.

I’ll try support, but my Pressmatic, Flywheel, WPE accounts are all the same email address. Yet when I try to connect local to local hub it still tells me I have to upgrade.

2020-08-05 at 1.39 PM

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