Local Router Error after import posts or update or plugin install

I get “Local Router Error” every time I try to install plugin through WP admin, or update WP, or import post via XML, while deleting more than 10 posts in batch…


Apologies for the Router Error!

What version of Local are you running?

Also, what Environment and Environment Version is the site running?

Local 2.2.4.
Wordpress 4.9.6 and 4.9.7
Oracle VirtualBox 5.2.4.



Is the site running Preferred? If so, try disabling Dev Mode with the switch in the top-right of Local’s window.

Yes. Local Evironment is Preferred 1.1.
I just turned off Dev Mode, now everything works perfectly.

Do have any advice to make faster local environment?
Sometimes I’m waiting for 10+ seconds to load some page…