Local Router Error on all sites after failed/stuck Clone

I was trying to clone a site (~200MB) and after 1+ hours Local was stuck and nothing was happening. So I Quit and restarted Local. Now I cannot load any sites. I get a Local Router Error on all sites.

I’m not an expert at reading log files, but this is in there, multiple times, with [some_name] different each time …

Error: (HTTP code 500) server error - endpoint with name [some_name] already exists in network local

I’ve switched off Faster Docker Volumes – didn’t help
I’ve restarted all sites one-by-one – didn’t help

Anyone got any ideas? I’m stuck and there’s nothing I can do to get Local working again.

Really looking for some help here if possible. I’ve been unable to work for close to 2 days now.

Can I safely move Local to Trash (on Mac) and download and install again? Will this make any difference?

@clay Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!


I can now get the Custom environments running Apache to load. However, all Preferred environments on nginx will not run. It doesn’t matter if the site is using .dev or .local – both will load on Apache. But everything on nginx still gives ‘Local Router Error.’

(Note for Support: Logs have been sent to Support dept via email.)

For the record, this is now solved.

Deleting some recent sites seemed to have fixed the issue.