Local too slow on Windows and Mac, slower that XAMMP

HI, I reported my problems last week through Facebook because this website was down, but still same situation: Local on Window and Mac are too slow to work with while XAMMP works fine. a friend told me the same, also working as a Freelancer from home, he went back to use his subdomains at SiteGround.

I am experiencing that same problem in Windows

This is very annoying,
very very very very slow !!! (WINDOWS 10)
duplicated the same site to my shared hosting account and its much much faster on AIR
doesn’t make any sense .
thinking about downgrading to prev version that worked perfect or XAMMP
suggestions ?


On Windows 10, i7-9700K, 32GB RAM

While disabling Xdebug helps with load times somewhat, I am still experiencing long initial connection times on every page load. Actual page rendering takes less than 2 seconds but the TTFB is almost 30 seconds(!).

At the moment, it is actually faster for me to FTP my files and reload the staging install than to use Local. Is there something else that can be done to speed things up?


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