Local UI Dashboard invisible

Hello, For an unknown reason, I can no more can see the Local dashboard. It looks like it starts and appears in my taskbar but can’t have it showned on my desktop to interact with. I have uninstall and install back again the latest version of VirtualBox, restart my computer, start local-by-flywheel manually but the result is the same as so far.

Please, Can anyone help?
I have a project to release stuck in it, it’s a nightmare.

Here is my last log
local-lightning.log (4.5 KB)

Hey @dmvp – Welcome to the community! That sounds super frustrating, let’s see if we can get things sorted out for you!

It sounds like maybe Local’s window is somewhere offscreen. This happens occasionally with windows.

Can you take a look at these two forum topics and see if either of the solutions help get the Local window to show for you?

Hello, Ben
Thanks for this answer.

The trick effectively solve the problem !
Thanks for that.

Mark it as Solved and a solution.

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