Local Virtualbox might stop Windows 11 install

I was trying to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11. Unfortunately it stopped, telling me that there is an issue with Virtualbox.

It’s a known issue: KB5007125: Compatibility hold when you upgrade to Windows 11 with Oracle VirtualBox installed

Also discussed by the Virtualbox team here:


Initially I had this error two times. After updating Virtualbox on my system, one of the two errors dissapeared.

The other one is still there.

If I am correct, Local also uses Virtualbox, so I was wondering if this could be the culprit. (I don’t have anything else installed using Virtualbox.)

Which version does Local currently use? And if it’s below 6.1.28 would it be possible for you guys to update it (quickly? :grinning:)

The latest version of Local doesn’t use VirtualBox or any sort of virtualization. It’s possible that you are still using “Local Classic” (version 3.x of Local) which did use VirtualBox.

If you are still using Classic, then you’ll want to upgrade to the latest version of Local so that you don’t have to rely on virtualization. For more info about transitioning from Classic to the latest version of Local, see this help doc:

Thanks for the reply. i already had upgraded,but didn’t read the migration docs, will do now :wink:

Awesome! If you’ve already upgraded to Lighting, then you probably can just delete Local Classic as well as remove Virtualbox!

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