Local vs. Live Version of mySQL

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_Trying to decide on the version of the database to use on local-wp during creation of the new local site

Troubleshooting Questions

The live site is running mySQL: Server version 5.7.23-23 and Client version mysqlnd 7.4.33
Local has mySQL 5.7.28 and 8.0.16

Should I run the database version that matches the hosts server version or use the higher version found in local which obviously is newer than the client version on the live site?

Anyone have any advice?

In case someone else wants to know the answer, here is what ChatGPT told me, which answered my question:

It’s important to clarify that MySQL Server version (e.g., 5.7.23-23) and MySQL client library version (e.g., mysqlnd 7.4.33) are different things. The MySQL Server version refers to the database management system that stores and manages the data, while the MySQL client library version (mysqlnd, in this case) refers to the library used by PHP to communicate with the MySQL server.

In your case, your live site is running MySQL Server version 5.7.23-23, and its PHP environment uses the mysqlnd 7.4.33 library to communicate with the server. You don’t need to match the client library version exactly in your local environment, as long as the MySQL client library you use is compatible with the MySQL Server version.

When setting up your local environment, the main priority should be to match the MySQL Server version as closely as possible. The client library version, as long as it’s compatible, should not be as critical in causing compatibility issues.

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