Verifying local profile new email not seems to be accepted

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Need to update email on local website profile

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    Windows 10 Pro fully updated

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Not doing too well here! Being a newbie does not help either. I have started a local website while I am trying to update our clubs website. Local being sort of a test site. Anyway been fine but having downloaded Tablepress it wants to verify my email. Within my profile I have tried to amend the stated email of demail@flywheel.local to my email, the one I used to register here. which is not demail@flywheel.local.
It states that : If you change this, an email will be sent at your new address to confirm it. The new address will not become active until confirmed. However no email to my right address has arrived, so I cannot verify the correct address.
What can I do now to verify the right email?

OKAY, the profile still shows the wrong email I have re-entered the right email and now it states that email is in use and to choose another one!!! In Use? Where?

I have checked my spam folder.


Hi @ajw1100

True to its name, everything you’re doing will be contained Locally!

From your site card within the Local App you’ll click on Tools, Mailhog, Open Mailhog, and then you should see your New Admin Email Address in there.

Happy Developing :slight_smile:

Hi Nick.
As said a newbie, is the site card the user ‘profile’? In WP there is a ‘tools’ but this does not show Mailhog.
When you say ‘within the Local App’ I assume this is the desktop app and there is not a mobile version.
When I open Local, then WP Admin, then start site I then see my Local website on my desktop, this is the WP site, top right has my name and a drop down with my ‘Edit Profile’ I guess this is not what you are referring to?
I cannot see Mailhog on any of the local WP links. I must be in the wrong place!

Hi @ajw1100

No worries, I’ve made you a short video here to help illustrate: Screen Recording 2023-03-17...

Thanks, I was too far in. The Mailhog page was totally blank. I also opened Jim and any other link I could but nothing showed as near to what I was looking for. There were no emails, comments or anything indicating any email address.

Would you be able to send over a short video or some screenshots of what you’re trying to do and seeing on your side? That might help clear things up :slight_smile:

For screen recording, you could try Loom for free:

Hi Nick. I am in the UK so do not know what time differences we are working with.
I have installed the Loom app on my desktop (It does not have a Mic though) and will try to do a video.If that fails I will try some screen shots.
I do not see an upload icon for that so will have to find out how to do that as well.
Thank you for your help, it really is appreciated.

I have no idea if this is correct. I was old when the Sinclair ZX and Commodore were new and hi tech!

WOW, the link seems to work :grinning:

Okay, on the Edit Profile I have highlighted the text regarding confirming my email address in order to complete the installation of Tablepress.
Then I have highlighted the email address that is incorrect. After that, it shows the email will not be updated until verified.
Well, I did try to update the email to my email but no verification email ever arrived from Local. I tried this a couple of times and could not find any trace of their verification email. I then gave up and used Local without a problem until now being asked to confirm email by Tablepress…

Yesterday I again attempted to replace the wrong email with my email and was given a message that the email (my correct email) was in use and to use another one! Whether using my correct email on this community forum yesterday was the reason for it stating my email was already in use or not. I don’t know.

I would like to remove the wrong email, replace it with my email and verify Tablepress so I can continue updating our bowls club site after the passing of our webmaster. I am not a webmaster, but have taken on the job because no one else would. Perhaps every one else had more sense…

I think I have found the problem. As mentioned I have now got the job of updating our club website. I did not realise that our hosted club site and my Local Test site would be somehow linked. My main email used on our hosted site was the one I tried to use on my test site.
Looks like I will need to generate a new email for my Test site profile. I never gave a thought that my email would conflict across two seemingly different web sites.
I will generate a new email for my Local test site and hope to add a tick to the solved box. You learn something new every day…

Generated a new email and entered it, sat back and waited for the confirmation email:
‘There is a pending change of your email to Cancel

20 minutes later still no confirmation email, checked inbox and spam.
How long does the confirmation email normally take to arrive?

Update 1
Went for a walk came back over an hour later, still no confirmation email so that was around a 2 hour wait so far.


Regarding the profile email that you highlighted in your video, devmail@flywheel.local if you change that and save it you should see the confirmation mail pop up in Mailhog as I mentioned and showed earlier. Going back to TablePress, I’m not certain but maybe there is some sort of conflict between your live-hosted site and your Local one. Some premium plugins have issues if you try to set them up in multiple environments. You might have to enquire with them or check their support forums or documentation to see if anyone else has run into this. Support – TablePress

Did you export this site from your hosted environment and load a copy into Local, or did you just start rebuilding it from scratch?

Hi Nick.
I did change that devmail email and saved it but it was the same as the hosted email so that is probably where the original problem came from as I did not think the two sites would conflict.
I have only installed Tablepress on the Local - Test site, it is not on our club site so don’t think that would cause an issue. But with the way things are going maybe that would!
I think I exported the club site and imported it into Local.
The Local site just stated I would receive an email to enable verification. I assumed, as with many websites the email would arrive in my email in box (As it did to verify myself to this community forum) it gave no indication to check Mailhog, in fact that is not mentioned at all as far as I remember.

Just checked Tools and Mailhog and note two email change requests! It would have been handy if the edit email profile advised where to look for the email :frowning_face: !!!

Okay, there are two change requests, one 3 hours ago and the second 35min ago, do I just select the one I want to keep or cancel all and start again? Or just click on the latest (Last) request and pray it will now accept it? The both have different emails so the last one is probably the best option as the earlier request was cancelled when I input the later email. Phew, Looks like with your help I am finally getting somewhere.

Hey @ajw1100! Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction now :slight_smile:

I would use that latest email especially if that is the email you are intending to use. Now we at least know that process is working as intended should you use it again in the future.

Success, :partying_face: Local has accepted the last email I entered.‘Thank you for your help’ seems rather under stated.
My profile now states:
Thanks! You should receive a confirmation email for TablePress to your mailbox at dev-email@flywheel.local. Please make sure you click the button in that email to complete the opt-in.”
As the dev email no longer exists on my site I wonder what will happen. I think I may need to uninstall Tablepress and re-install so it picks up my new email. I will leave that for another day…

Hi @ajw1100 that’s good news! Also, you might be right about the TablePress piece.

I wanted to let you know I’ve looked into the documentation we have available and can see we have a Help Doc started for troubleshooting mail in Local but it’s still in a draft phase. I’m going to follow up with our team and work on getting that published in the near future to help other users in the same boat. Thank you for coming by our community and happy developing :green_heart:

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