Local WP on MacOS slow

What issue or error are you experiencing?

When trying to use a site in Local WP, it is excruciatingly slow. Currently using latest version with Apache.

What steps can be taken to replicate the issue? Feel free to include screenshots, videos, etc

Unsure how to replicate it, but happens quite consistently. We have identified that if we disconnect from our wifi network then it speeds up and runs quite happily.

System Details

  • Local Version: 9.0.4+6699

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version: Sonoma 14.5

Local Logs

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error.log (901.7 KB)
local-lightning.log (42.2 KB)

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Anyone able to help here?

It sounds like you’ve figured out the root of the problem here? :slight_smile:

Is this an office/work network? There might be some throttling or filtering going on, and you could enquire with your IT department about it.

If it is indeed the network there is little we could offer to help overcome that, but to ensure absolutely nothing else is contributing we have a guide here with helpful tips and tricks for overcoming performance issues in our app you could run through:


I had a similar problem a while ago but with some other apps. And then I found a tip online about turning off AirPlay Receiver in System Settings (General - AirDrop & Handoff). Don’t ask me why but apparently it’s a known issues that can cause network problems and slow-downs in general.


It’s not an office or work network issue. I work from home on my simple and basic home wifi. No IT department to speak to.

Just double checking – is this slowness for just one site in particular, or all sites in Local? If you create a new, plain WP site, is that also quite slow?

If it is just one site that is slow, and it speeds up when wifi is disabled, that feels like something is making an expensive request somewhere and is timing out.

Some things that come to mind are:

  • Some kind of DB query that might be connecting over the network instead of the DB socket directly?
  • Client-side things like analytics code or A/B testing tools that are blocking other assets?

I would try to drill down into what exactly is slow, and one of my favorite tools for that is Query Monitor

The weird thing is, the same issues were being experienced by my work colleague too on his machine, which is why i feel it’s more of a LocalWP issue rather than a site issue.

Could be wrong though!

  • Is your work colleague on the same network as you?
  • Is it just this one site, or all sites (including new, plain WP sites) that have this slowness?

If it’s both you and your colleague, on different networks, but on the same site, then it’s likely something to do with how the site is built. It’s possible that the site is trying to get something from a URL that doesn’t like the development url that’s being used.

I once had a site that felt slow in a development environment because we were using a premium font service. Once we whitelisted the development url (so mysite.local ) with the service, the requests for that font wouldn’t time out and the site was mostly fast (I mean, there was still a bunch of cruft, but at least that thing wasn’t slowing the site down! :joy: )

Same network but different sites.

And for “different sites” does that include a completely plain WP site? So for example, creating a new site in Local, with only WordPress and no plugins/themes installed – do you still have slowness?

If that’s true, then there’s likely something within the network configuration that’s causing slowness. Maybe DNS isn’t resolving quickly for your home network?

I had one site with similar issue and it turned out to be a plugin where the custom update check stalled. Two plugins I’m using for such debugging are Query Monitor and Log HTTP Requests (not updated lately).

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