Local WP v 8.2.0 SSL trusted but HTTPS not working

Bug Summary

Mac Ventura 13.5, Local WP v 8.2.0, SSL shows as “trusted” within Keychain and Local WP, but HTTPS not working in browsers (Chrome and Firefox)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Remove existing certificates from Keychain and ~/Library/Application Support/Local/run/router/nginx/certs
  2. Quit Local WP and restart
  3. Restart site
  4. Click “Trust”
  5. In Keychain, manually update certificate to “Always Trust”
  6. Confirmed within Local WP that the checkmark and “Trusted” is displayed
  7. Enter URL in browser and go

Environment Info

Local WP v 8.2.0
Mac OS 13.5 Ventura (fresh installation)
PHP 8.1.23
MySQL 8.0.16
WP 6.4.1

Supporting info

Local Log attached

local-lightning.log (38.3 KB)

Hi @propeller

Several of us tested this yesterday but we weren’t able to replicate the same issue.

Some things you could try:

  • See if persists after clearing cache and cookies
  • Check for any browser updates
  • Try reinstalling your browser
  • Try restarting your network
  • Check for any extensions or plugins that might be interfering

Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!